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Juanita Bynum (pictured), the Christian evangelist and gospel artist, is responding to her shocking April 18th arrest on charges stemming from a warrant for her failure to appear in a Dallas civil proceeding against her, which involved a reported debt to a promoter for $140,000. Now Bynum wants to explain her side of the story, stating that the incident was an “unfortunate event” involving fraud perpetuated from the other party, according to the Christian Post.

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The 54-year-old self-proclaimed prophetess took to her website and wrote the following statement:

Until recently, it was my understanding that a resolution had been reached  involving a business dispute between Mr. Al Wash, of ALW Entertainment and  myself, reads Bynum’s statement on the April 18 arrest in Dallas, Texas.

I was  wrongfully detained, by the Dallas Texas Sheriff’s Dept. for failing to appear in court several months ago, for a civil court appearance, of which I knew  nothing, involving the prior mentioned business dispute.

Bynum, who says she was later released after a brief court appearance regarding the charges, contends, “I have not been found guilty of any fraudulent, unethical or non-integral  behavior.” According Bynum’s website, Wash, the promoter named in the statement, sent her an e-mailed message the day after her arrest, which is also available for view on the site.

Oddly enough, Wash’s aforementioned e-mail supports Bynum:

I am here to help people build their career not destroy their career and I will  always believe in Dr. Bynum.

The promoter also refers to Bynum as a “spectacular person” with whom he hopes to work with in the future. The monies in question that were allegedly paid to Bynum were for an event that she allegedly never honored. Wash made comments on his Twitter account indicating that Bynum owed him $125,000 but had not made any further updates to his account.

The woman whose ministry preaches God’s tenets of faith, health, wealth, and prosperity counters that she paid Wash $25,000 and that they had come to an agreement with regards to whom would be responsible for the balance due. Bynum also points out in her printed statement that Holly Carter and Releve’ Entertainment are liable for “breach of fiduciary duty”  and “unjust enrichment” tied to “the fraudulent nature of her ‘representation’  of me during this business transaction.”

Meanwhile, Bynum ends her statement by celebrating the fact that she is now a goodwill ambassador for Bayelsa State in southern Nigeria and stresses that she will no longer allow character assassinations  “with impunity.” Along with the statement regarding her arrest, Bynum has included a press packet of information about her newfound appointment along with photos of a ceremony toasting the event that was attended by Nigeria’s crème de la crème.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta resident has faced quite a bit of controversy in recent years.  In 2008, Bynum’s then-husband, Thomas Weeks, also a minister, pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting her; they later divorced. Last year, Bynum sent shock waves throughout the gospel grapevine when she confessed during a radio interview to having had sexual relationships with women.

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