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It certainly seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel for songstress Mary J. Blige (pictured) with regards to her money troubles.  Now Uncle Sam has his hand out for a reported $3.4 million, accusing Blige of failing to pay federal taxes for the years 2009 through 2011, according to TMZ.

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The IRS, which has filed a federal tax lien against Blige, is claiming that she owes them $574,907.30 for 2009, $,203,743.53 for 2010, and 647,604.60 for 2011, bringing the grand total of the debt to $3,426,255.43.

Blige has been embroiled in quite a bit of money drama over the last few years. Last February, the state of New Jersey came a-calling and demanded that she pay the reported $900,000-plus she reportedly owed them.  During the same month, the 42-year-old actress discovered that a notice had been tacked on the door of her tony New York City apartment, stating that she had a “rent-paying problem.”  She had only lived in the luxury building for less than a year at the time.

Then last November, Blige was allegedly sued for neglecting to satisfy a $2.2 million personal loan that she and her husband, Kendu Issacs, defaulted on.

Blige’s charitable foundation, which she shares with partner Steve Stoute, was also in quite a bit of hot water last May, with TD Bank reportedly suing for not being paid back on a loan of $250,000.  The scholarships that were awarded to recipients of the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now Inc. have reportedly gone unpaid.

The woman whose net worth is a reported $45 million and who has sold 50 million albums globally also had a series of copyright infringement lawsuits that she has been battling, which allegedly cost her upward of $1 million a year.

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