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Tall_Dark_Aries says, ‘Politics, by its very nature, as practiced in mostly every place known to man, is replete with lies and subterfuge. The current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a politician, by logical deduction, that person is a liar, regardless of his well-intentioned orations, his polemics are based on half-truths and double-speak, placating the public while appeasing the elite to whom he is beholden.’

This was in response to the BP news article titled, WHICH POLITICAL PARTY IS BETTER, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN? where other BP members chimed in with comments on the subject.

He goes on to say,

‘America is ruled by a system of government called OLIGARCHY — the mandates of the Republican or Democratic and any other Independent party defers to this oligarchy.

This oligarchy is embedded into the very fabric of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and the Constitution — only by social upheaval and social unrest that has threatened this status quo have amendments been made — and surreptitiously reneged upon.

For every Voting Rights Acts, there are clauses.

For every Civil Rights Acts, there are exclusions.

For every Fair Housing Acts, there are restrictive covenants.

For every Brown vs. Board of Education, there are school inequities segregated proms and forged history and myths and legends taught as truths.

1. We have a BLACK president, and continue to be the most oppressed and maligned race of people in this country.

2. We have a BLACK attorney general (Eric Holder) and continue to be the fodder that fills Americas corporate prisons and jails for free labor.

3. We have a Black man on the Supreme Court but continue to be a race of people for whom real justice is elusive.

4. We have Black men at the head of Bank of America, American Express and other corporate giants but continue to be shunned and excluded from entry into its portals.

5. We have a BLACK U.S. Trade representative (Ron Kirk), yet BLACKS throughout the Diaspora are afflicted with the world’s worst and most abject poverty outside of Calcutta, India. Haiti, right in America’s back yard, is replete with people cooking, bathing, washing and using the toilet in the same water source, much akin to Zimbabweans in Harare.

6. We have a BLACK MAN (Michael Steele) as newly elected chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) who continues to challenge the current symbol of the Democrats (Barack Obama) on every policy, pronoucement, legislation and cabinet choice as if they are two BLACK MEN slinging the dozens at each other on a Cabrini-Green project stoop after a rough house game of basketball.

Despite all of the BLACK faces in prominent places, BLACKS in America continue to be besotted at higher numbers with unemployment, foreclosures, evictions, incarceration, police brutality, health care woes, homelessness and premature deaths — the oligarchy would have it no other way.

Barack Obama, John Conyers, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Kendrick Meeks, the Congressional Black Caucus, et al are all part of that oligarchy.

If you don’t believe me and want to see the REAL America for yourself, simply take a cursory drive through Detroit, Cincinnati, Houston, Gary, IN, Newark, NJ, Compton, Miami, Cleveland, Philadelphia, etc., and you will quickly see what the Republicans and Democrats have wrought.

Peace, all’

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