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In simpler times, once a public figure proved themselves to be audaciously lazy, remarkably simple-minded, and lost any semblance of actual political power and influence, they would go off in to the sunset never to be heard from again.

Then came the 24-hour news cycle, and of course, the Internet, which allowed the dense and defiantly useless to cling on to the spotlight with death-grip-like precision.

For those wondering, “Damn, are you just going to shade Sarah Palin like that?” hold on, I have much more to say.

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In an op-ed published on Bats**t Crazy Politicos Anonymous (that’s to you), Palin assails President Barack Obama, dismissing him as either a “liar” or a “highly incompetent CEO.”

Palin writes:

The President would like us to believe that he only learned about the IRS corruption from watching the news. But we recently learned that the White House was actively working with the IRS on how to roll out the story of this scandal. So, Mr. President, how can you have your staff work on the roll out of the biggest controversy since Watergate, and yet claim that you only heard about it by watching the news with the rest of us?

For the President to deny any knowledge of what was brewing and to claim to know nothing about the Benghazi cover-up or anything about anything White House-related lately, he’s either a liar or a hugely incompetent CEO. You decide.

Following instructions, I conclude that Sarah Palin is a nitwit who doesn’t pay attention to the news.

Like most yokels who talk out the side of their necks, the former Alaskan governor missed the Washington Post’s extensive report that shows how Obama’s administration handled the IRS issue and why they kept Obama ignorant of it in the interim.

As Greg Sargent writes:

The piece reports that White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, having learned of the pending audit’s damaging details, shared the news with chief of staff Denis McDonough and other White House aides. They all decided not to tell the President about the audit until it was completed and publicly released ‘in part to protect him from even the appearance of trying to influence an investigation.’

Sargent adds, “And it turns out that this is exactly what they should have done.”

From the report:

In the IRS case, many prominent Washington lawyers say Ruemmler made the sensible legal call. She protected her client — Obama — by distancing him from a politically sensitive problem and ensuring that he could not be accused of meddling in an inquiry.

In addition, one senior administration official said, Ruemmler at the time did not know key facts: How extensive was the IRS’s targeting? How many and which employees were involved? Did they target only conservative groups and was the effort politically motivated? And were those groups’ applications for tax-exempt status denied or delayed?

To keep from intervening in the audit, Ruemmler could not seek answers, the official said.

“The single most important thing the White House counsel can do at that point is make sure no one in the White House does anything to interfere with or anything that may obstruct the conclusions from being finished and rolled out,” said Jack Quinn, who served as White House counsel under Bill Clinton.

The right is really struggling to make fetch happen when it comes to the “scandals” regarding Benghazi and the IRS. Besides evading the fact that they’re not doing much to curb the economic downturn that they largely had a hand in creating, Republicans waste time fantasizing about how they think government ought to work.

Palin argues:

These Obama administration scandals are a sad and stark reminder that only limited government can ensure liberty. At our core, we Americans just want to be left alone to live freely, peacefully, and productively.

Well, Palin’s administration wasn’t exactly scandal-free, so what does that tell you? The nerve of this bullheaded, fact-ducking simpleton to sit in front of her Microsoft Word and have the gall to suggest someone else is either a liar or incompetent. Someone much smarter than she is at that — not to mention a man who stuck around his job versus quitting his mid-way through.

Speaking of, the Tea Party reportedly wants Sarah Palin to run for Senate.

Bless their hearts.

Not only is Sarah Palin not interested in working, she’s even less interested in being held responsible for her actions. All she wants to do is appear on TV and online feeding the trolls who keep her bank account active. No matter if she’s wrong as all hell; it’s just about making sure she’s seen and heard.

Sarah Palin is the political equivalent of Rob Kardashian. No, not Kim Kardashian, but Rob. Remember, Kim gets up every morning and goes to work. Kim has always learned when to shut up.

Michael Arceneaux is a Houston-bred, Howard-educated writer and blogger. You can read more of his work on his site, The Cynical Ones. Follow him on Twitter: @youngsinick