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The former heavyweight champ and boxing icon Evander Holyfield (pictured) is now facing a tough battle in court that has him against the ropes. Holyfield, who is in serious debt, now reportedly owes a whopping $327,858.36 in child support, and if he reportedly fails to come up with the money, his driver’s license could be suspended, according to TMZ.

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Holyfield, who has earned a staggering $250 million during his boxing career, has had more than his fair share of money woes.  Now the Georgia Department of Human Services has been added to the former champ’s list of debtors for reportedly attempting to collect child support payments from Holyfield for months now.

Holyfield was reportedly ordered by the courts to pay one of his baby mamas more than $500,000 for his daughter. The courts placed Holyfield on a monthly payment plan of $2,950 in order to satisfy the child support demand, and although he whittled away at the whopping grand total, he still reportedly owes an exorbitant amount.

Now a Georgia judge has given the agency the go-ahead to begin the process of suspending Holyfield’s driver’s license in an effort to motivate him to pay his child support debt.

A hearing has been set for August to check on Holyfield’s progress in satisfying the support payments.

The demise of Holyfield’s financial empire is a real tearjerker.  The five-time heavyweight champ legend was ousted out of his famed 54,000-square-foot palatial Georgia estate (pictured) last year because he was deep in debt to the tune of $14 million.

Holyfield was then forced to auction off his memorabilia and precious keepsakes in order to keep himself out of his financial hole, which consists of child support debts for a few of his 11 children, delinquent taxes, unsettled lawsuits, divorce, and just plain old bad money management.

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