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From ABC News:

The Cambridge Police Department today released the 911 tape and radio dispatches in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., in which the police are heard saying that the “gentlemen says he resides here” and is uncooperative, and advises to keep the backup cars coming.

In the 911 call, a woman — identified in the media as Lucia Whalen — reports seeing two men break the screen door of Gates’ front entrance to enter the house. The woman admits she saw suitcases and she suggests several times that the men be the house residents.

“I don’t know if they live there and they just had a hard time with their keys,” she’s heard saying. ” But I did notice that they kind of used their shoulders trying to barge in and they got in.”

When asked about the race of men, the caller said she thought one looked “kind of Hispanic,” but didn’t see what the other man looked like.

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