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Words cannot begin to explain the straight craziness that has become Stephon Marbury and his career.  The thing is, most people knew that Stephon wasn’t quite right for a little while.  It started with the surreal interview he had a few years ago on NBC’s Mike’d Up, where he get’s a call in the middle of the interview and starts dancing and interupting the interviewer at the end.

It continued through a painful stretch in New York, where he got a tattoo of his symbol on the side of his head, got into conflict with the equally ridiculous Isaiah Thomas, and was benched by coah Mike D’Antoni which lead to a painful buyout.  Fast forward a few months past his short-lived stint with the Celtics, and you have a man with too much money and time on his hands and nothing to do it.  And that may explain this latest brand of craziness that Steph has unleashed upon the internet.

Some videos from Steph’s live webcam have been circulating around, which if nothing else, goes to prove that the brother needs a shirt and some counseling.  In this video, he cries for nearly six minutes to Kirk Franklin’s “Lean On Me.” No words… just crying.

Now while his behavior may be off the wall and somewhat sad, I wouldn’t go as far as some to say he needs to be insitutionalized or condemn his basketball career like’s J.A. Adante. What I will say is that this may be more related to his lack of a basketball career at the moment than anything else.

Steph has been a baller his entire life.  He was Coney Island’s wonderboy out of high school and when he was traded to the Knicks, he was supposed to bring the orange and blue out of mediocrity.   While he always put up good numbers, he never quite lived up to expectations and often become a million-dollar whipping boy.

Now he’s out of the league and he misses the validation of basketball.  He needs to come to terms with the fact that basketball might be over for him.  And while he did mention during one of his videos, “I don’t care about the NBA, those days are over with,”  I feel he’s venting over his inability to get picked up by a team more than acknowledging the truth of his situation.

The bottom line is that I do wish him the best, I just hope that someone close to him tells him that crying and eating vasaline with no shirt on, on your live webcam no less… is not a good look.