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For some people, it’s apparently getting increasingly hard to effectively conceal their racism, especially when it comes to dealing with the media. In a story that has emerged amongst the unavoidable Gates/Crowley fiasco, Cambridge police officer Justin Barrett has somehow managed to put himself in some deep… excrement.

He was put on paid administrative leave after he mass-mailed a racist, bigoted email to the Boston Globe and members of his National Guard unit, in which he continuously referred to professor Henry Louis Gates Jr as a “jungle monkey.”

And just to reiterate how far down his throat he has swallowed his foot, here are some of Barrett’s original statement’s:

“If I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle-monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of his belligerent non-compliance.”

“I am not a racist but I am prejudice towards people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they say is freedom but it is merely attention because you do not get enough of it in your little fear-dwelling circle of on-the-bandwagon followers.”

“Gates is a goddamned fool and you the article writer simply a poor follower and maybe worse, a poor writer. Your article title should read CONDUCT UNBECOMING a JUNGLE MONKEY-BACK TO ONE’S ROOTS.”


Boston Police Officer Calls Gates A “Jungle Monkey”, updated July 29, 2009 at 5:52 p.m.

From the Boston Herald:

A Boston police officer allegedly sent a mass e-mail using a disgraceful racial slur in referring to Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., prompting the commissioner to move immediately to fire the cop, the Herald has learned.

Officer Justin Barrett, 36, a two-year veteran assigned to District B-3, was placed on administrative leave pending a termination hearing yesterday afternoon. When a supervisor confronted Barrett about the e-mail – in which he called Gates a “jungle monkey” – he admitted to being the author, according to officials.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis immediately stripped the cop of his gun and badge, according to officials. Barrett, who could not immediately be reached, has no prior disciplinary history.

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