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Shaaliver Douse 
(pictured), a 14-year-old who allegedly fired at an unidentified target, was shot dead by police after he ignored commands to drop his weapon, according to the NY Daily News.

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The incident happened early Sunday morning in the Bronx’s Melrose section. Two “rookie” officers on patrol heard gunfire and found a man reportedly running from Douse as Douse allegedly shot at him. After allegedly ignoring repeated requests to drop his weapon and freeze, one of the officers fired a shot at Douse, which reportedly hit his lower jaw and killed him.

Security camera footage shows a teenager bolting upon seeing Douse outside a deli, who immediately gives chase.

Watch footage of Douse chasing the teen here:

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly deemed the shooting justified at a Sunday evening press conference, saying the officers prevented Douse from killing his target. “These officers stopped that from happening,” he said. “I don’t see what the officers could have done any differently.”

Kelly claims the department hasn’t confirmed who he shot at exactly. “It is undetermined at this time whether he fired at the officer or the unknown male.”

Officials collected Douse’s weapon — a Black Astra 9mm pistol — at the scene (pictured above). Kelly revealed the gun was made in Spain but is unsure how Douse got his hands on it.

“We don’t know the history of this gun. It will take us a while, but we will get a history on it,”  he added.

Speaking at another press conference last week, N.Y.C. Mayor Michael Bloomberg noted that most guns used illegally in New York come from other states.

“Now 90 percent of guns used in crimes here came from out-of-state, and that means — in addition to our tough enforcement efforts inside the five boroughs — we have to pay attention to gun laws outside of the city,” he said. “The reality is laws in states across the nation and in Washington, D.C., have a real impact on the safety of New Yorkers.”

Douse’s aunt disagreed with Kelly justifying the shooting.

“That’s was my sister’s only baby,” Quwana Barcene said. “I’m tired of the police getting away with murder.”

Trayvon Martin is never going to end. Sean Bell happened to my nephew. This rookie cop — please bring him up on charges as a murderer.”

On Monday afternoon, Douse’s mother, Shanise Farrar, spoke out about her son’s murder, saying officers initially told her no gun was found at the scene but then changed their story later on, “I’m not saying he’s the best, “But he’s my angel. “I wouldn’t want this to happen to nobody’s kid,”

Douse, a freshman at the Alfred E. Smith Career And Technical Education High School, had an extended criminal history. He’d been scheduled to show up in Bronx Supreme Court August 23rd to face felony charges for possessing a loaded weapon during an arrest in October 2012.

According to police, he shot a 15-year-old boy in his left shoulder May 16th, a mile and a half from where he met his end Sunday. The victim survived the attack. Douse was arrested a week later and charged with attempted murder, assault, menacing, and criminal possession of a weapon.

However, the charges from the latter case were dropped.

“There was insufficient evidence,” said Steven Reed, a spokesman for Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson. “The complaining witness could not make an identification.”

Kelly said that the case is still under investigation and police are trying to identify and locate the person Douse allegedly shot at.

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