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In a domestic dispute turned ugly, a Eugene, Ore., policeman responding to a call over a couple feuding over their children is captured on video smacking a 10-year-old boy after the child bit him, according to KVAL 13.

The child reportedly ran away from authorities as they attempted to enforce a child custody court-order. The unidentified child was told to run away after his mother in order to avoid being taken to his biological dad’s home. When the officer in question ran after the boy, grabbed him by both wrists and dragged him towards the police cruiser, the cop is seen striking the kid in the head. The law enforcer then tells witnesses that the child bit him.

A spectator who videotaped the entire incident is overheard saying to the officer, “You do not hit that child. You do not hit an underage child.”

Watch video of cop hitting boy below:

The child is seen on the video crying hysterically as bystanders are yelling at the officer, some mentioning lawsuits, while others threaten to post his handling of the boy on Facebook. In the video, the policeman appears to be keeping his wits about him without any retaliatory tactics towards the irate bystanders.

Meanwhile, a Eugene police official told KVAL 13 that the officers on the scene were behaving professionally and “just doing their job.”

The case is still being investigated.