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Patrick Howley (pictured), a “journalist” at a conservative news and opinion website, recently took President Barack Obama to task for not having any white dogs as pets, according to The Daily Caller.

Come again?

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Ever since the First Family adopted another black Portuguese water dog, Sunny (pictured right), Howley has been reportedly calling the President racially biased.


Because the Obamas already have another black dog, Bo (pictured). And while Bo has a white streak in the front of his coat, that streak apparently isn’t enough for the staunch right-of-center blogger.

Howley writes:

With the addition of Sunny, the Obamas now have two black Portuguese water dogs. The Obamas do not have any white dogs.

Howley also makes mention of the fact that Sunny was “born in Michigan, where the unemployment rate was 8.8 percent last month” and then gets in another dig by noting how expensive a Portuguese water dog can be: anywhere from $1,400 to $2,000.

Howley then asks if, according to the White House, Bo has served the First Family well, performing such official duties as “visiting Walter Reed (hospital) and the Children’s National Medical Center to  inspecting the Holiday decorations at the White House to greeting guests at the White House on tours and during the Easter Egg Roll,” then why would the White House require the services of Valerie Jarrett, assistant to the President for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, when Bo seems to be handling her responsibilities just fine.


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