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Christie Black (pictured) reportedly tried to hide $5,000 in her rectum, after she allegedly stole it from her boyfriend. The incident would cause her to have to go to the hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

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Hawkins County, Tenn., sheriff’s deputies were summoned to the home of Bobby Gulley, regarding a complaint that his girlfriend, Black, had stolen a wad of cash from him that amounted to about $5,000. Gulley reportedly told police Sgt. Michael Allen that he had actually concocted a plan to trap Black by setting out two envelopes stuffed with $4,000 cash and an old black medicine bag, which contained $1,000 in $100 denominations. Gulley told investigators that he placed the envelopes and bag on a table and went to sleep.

When Gulley awakened during the night, he reportedly discovered that the bag he had placed on the table was missing and confronted Black as to its whereabouts. According to Sgt. Allen’s report:

“He [Gulley] then asked her [Black] where the money was, and she admitted to him she’d wrapped it  up and stuck it in her rectum. Black admitted to taking the money and some drugs, because Mr. Gulley was going to kick her out and she needed money for a place to live.”

Investigators then state that the 43-year-old women tried feverishly to remove the stuffed bills she had secured in her rectum with the toilet brush and then a tong but the bills could not be removed.

The constant probing reportedly led to profuse bleeding and Black had to be transported to a local hospital where the monies were removed and collected as evidence.

Black is listed in fair condition.

Talk about ‘dirty money!

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