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A Florida police chief whose department is weighing whether to file charges against George Zimmerman wrote in an email that the wanna-be cop is a Sandy Hook waiting to happen, Think Progress reports.

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Steve Bracknel‘s department in Lake Mary, Fla., made its way into the national spotlight this week when Zimmerman, 29, allegedly threatened his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, and his father-in-law with a gun Monday.

Shellie called 911 that day, telling an operator that she feared for her safety. Lake Mary police detained Zimmerman that day, but eventually set him free. Shellie would later decline to press charges, but the cops are still considering whether or not they have enough evidence to charge the man who was found not guilty of second-degree murder for shooting unarmed Trayvon Martin dead.

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Lake Mary resident, Santiago Rodriguez, criticized the police chief’s department for not arresting him, but Bracknel made it clear in his reply that he is not on Team Zimmerman.

Here is some of the exchange here:

“Zimmerman is a Sandy Hook, Aurora waiting to happen,” Rodriguez told Bracknell in his first email.

“Your reference to Sandy Hook … I agree,” Bracknell replied in a long email.

At the end of a follow-up email urging Bracknell not to “give up” on the investigation, Rodriguez wrote: “Sooner or later another mother and father is going to be on CNN lashing out against the system due to this man snapping.”

Bracknell replied: “As for your final thoughts, again, on a personal note, I agree.”

It is not the first time Bracknel has made his views known on Zimmerman. In a response to a question by a Los Angeles Times reporter, he said, “Man, it would be fantastic if you have an apartment out there [in California] for George Zimmerman,” Bracknell said. “This guy is killing me.”

Read all of the emails between Bracknel and Santiago, go here: