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A recent Blackplanet poll determined that 83% of all participants believed that racial equality was more important to them than sexual equality, while only 17% believed that sexual equality was more important. That means five times as many African Americans surveyed believed that racism is bigger problem than sexism in the United States.

While sexism is a problem in the USA as well as in the Black community, there are several reasons why African Americans would believe that racism is a far worse problem.

In terms of education, Black females are twice as likely to go to college than Black males.

While white women earn 73.4% of what white men earned, Black women earned 84.8% of what black men earned.

Black males are more likely to be racially profiled or brutalized by the police than white males and are 7 times more likely than white males to be incarcerated.

Though Black women have made strides to overcome sexual discrimination, in terms of education and careers, racism is still a major issue for the Black community as a whole.

Racism in America leads to the income and education disparities that keep African Americans from achieving true equality in this country.

This is not to say that sexism is not a problem in the African-American community. Still, judging by the poll, the racial inequalities far outweigh the sexual inequalities for African Americans.

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