NBA players and civil rights leaders criticized Adam Silver slapping Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver on the wrist.

Computer scientists are worried artificial intelligence is adopting the worst human traits.

A POLITICO headline referring to Vice President Kamala Harris by only her first name has prompted growing outrage over what is being called disrespect to the most powerful woman in the U.S.

Pople wondering why Madonna hadn't weighed in on the controversy surrounding Britney Spears' conservatorship need to be careful what they ask for after the Material Girl compared it to "slavery."

A New Jersey school official apologized for a comment denigrating Vice President Kamala Harris weeks after it was posted and only after it drew public attention.

A racist and sexist cartoon against the potential vice president is the latest in demeaning commentary.

The North Carolina rapper releases a track supposedly aimed at Chicago spitter Noname.

The rapper criticizes Ari Lennox after the singer sided with him in his vitriol towards Gayle King.


Folks on Twitter give him a good dragging.


He has a long history against Black people, women and LGBTQ folks.


The streaming giant will finally be taken on in court.

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Customer says the manager did nothing to defend a Black woman getting kicked out.