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So, it’s looking like the public option in the health care reform debate has been successfully shouted down by (white) people throwing temper tantrums at town halls across our great nation. I’m not bothered by the fact that they fear a pinko takeover destined to last ten generations. Tickled maybe, but not bothered. Frankly, as an American, I support their right to express how they feel about legislation that may affect their lives. Harangues aside, they drew their line in the sand.

The thing that bothers me in this situation is the thing that has always bothered me about Democrats: Their disappointing lack of toughness. Say what you will about Republicans–and there is PLENTY to say–but they justify their thug on a daily basis when it comes to things they believe in. Some will say they play dirty pool; that they manipulate facts and appeal to the lowest common denominator to further their agendas. To that I say: Yea. Exactly. They understand that sometimes, politics is a matter of flexing muscle, not a MENSA convention.

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