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Child star Kim Fields (pictured) gave birth to her second child, a boy named Quincy Xavier, on Tuesday at an Atlanta medical facility, according to People Magazine.

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Even though the former “Facts of Life” and “Living Single” star is 44 years old and has raised the brows of a few of her fans because of her decision to conceive at a later age, she tells People Magazine, “If I’m encouraging to anybody…it’s not like I’m the poster child for over 40 and pregnant.”

Motherhood among fortysomethings has become quite common, even though pushing childbirth to later in life can lessen fertility and/or risk disorders.

Although fertility doctors warn about the risks of pushing parenthood too late, there are plenty of reasons to wait, and in Fields’ case, she had experienced two miscarriages prior to giving birth to Quincy.

Fields has been married to Christopher Morgan since 2007, and they already have another son, 6-year-old Sebastian Alexander. Fields has revealed publicly that the 8 pound, 8 ounce addition to her family was indeed a planned one, and despite her age, she believes, her latest gift is a blessing.

When Fields was experiencing a few odd symptoms before learning of her pregnancy, she thought she was just perimenopausal and dehydrated, so when her physician delivered the pregnancy news, she was floored. “They tested me and said, ‘Oh honey, you’re not dehydrated. You’re two months pregnant,’” she told hosts of the “The Real.”

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Now Fields and her clan are over the moon about the baby, she tells People, “We are so blessed and grateful to God for this newest gift to our family.”

Congratulations, Tootie!

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