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According to naturopathic therapist Natasha Turner, best-selling author of The Hormone Diet, being too warm at night disrupts the release of your main anti-aging hormones into your body.

“As your body temperature drops, growth hormones are released and work their regenerative magic,” she says. And that keeps your skin and hair looking healthy…and SEXY.

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3. Promote Weight loss

Dr. Natasha Turner says that you can reset your fat loss hormones by sleeping naked! Sleeping naked can help melt your fat because it helps your body to cool down. As your body cools down, it releases fat-burning hormones. These hormones also rebuild skin cells, bone cells, and muscle cells as you sleep.

4. Help You RELAX

Feeling anxious or stressed? GET NAKED! A hectic day can often prevent you from getting the deep, quality sleep that your body needs. However, sleeping naked can ease tension and help promote a better sleep quality. In fact, medical research has shown that sleeping naked is good for those suffering from insomnia.

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