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Joseph Cassano (pictured right), the son of FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano (pictured) is trying to get back his EMS job, according to the New York Daily News.

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Joseph was forced to resign from the FDNY’s EMS department last year, after posting racist tweets. In one of them, he wrote:

“I like jews about as much as hitler #toofar? NOPE.”

On MLK Day 2013, he also wrote:

“MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

Cassano also commented on caring for President Obama supporters:

“Getting sick of picking up all these Obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their medicare pays for an ambulance and not a cab.”

His father noted that he was “extremely disappointed in the comments posted online by my son” around the time of his resignation; however, Sal recently revealed his son is trying to get re-hired.

“He’s just going through the process just like any other candidate would,” Cassano told the News. “He’s just starting the process. He’s entitled to apply just like anyone else.”

A source revealed the younger Cassano has to start his application from scratch. He took the department’s physical and agility tests last month and is undergoing a background check. Apparently, he could find out as quickly as this summer if he’s been re-accepted in to the EMS academy.

Joseph’s initial departure came around increasing attention at the FDNY’s racial disparities. Recently, the city settled a racial discrimination lawsuit against the organization, paying out $98 million in back pay to 1,500 Black and Hispanic firefighters who took civil service exams in 1999 and 2002.

The city also acquiesced to demands to place measures increasing diversity in the department.

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