Several African-American employees have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York Fire Department over what they say is "entrenched racism."


Black FDNY union rep Keisha Brockington was the target of a racist hate letter after trying to help one of her colleagues.

A Black firefighter sues the New York City Fire Department. It has a history of diversity issues.


      UPDATED 01/21/15, 9:22 a.m. EST: Erica Garner directly addressed the memorial incident after her weekly march Tuesday evening. “They burned it down, but they can never wash the blood that they spilled on 202 Bay Street, August 17th, 2014,” she said next to the site, reasserting her belief that someone intentionally set the memorial […]


Joseph Cassano (pictured right), the son of FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano (pictured) is trying to get back his EMS job, according to the New York Daily News. SEE ALSO: Obama, Biden Announce $600M For Job Grants Joseph was forced to resign from the FDNY’s EMS department last year, after posting racist tweets. In one of them, […]


NYFD Commissioner Salvatore Cassano’s (pictured left) son has officially resigned after posting a series of racist tweets to his Twitter account, the New York Post reports. SEE ALSO: Too Short Arrested For DUI, Running From Police In one tweet, former EMT Joseph Cassano (pictured right) says, “I like Jews about as much as Hitler.” Cassano saves most […]

NEW YORK — One of the first Black female Emergency Medical Technicians in New York City has sued the New York Fire Department accusing them of racial harassment. Valerie Brancat, 49, has been an NYC EMT since 1986. Black NY Firefighter Says N-Word Used Frequently By White Colleagues Black Man Finds Noose In Locker After […]

BROOKLYN, NY — White firefighters’ criminal pasts are often ignored when it comes to hiring decisions, a former New York Fire Department official said yesterday in Brooklyn Federal Court. The sworn deposition by Patricia Kavaler, an assistant commissioner for personnel for the FDNY, was entered as evidence in a case where Black firefighters are trying […]

NEW YORK — New York Fire Department Commissioner Salvatore Cassano urged African-Americans and women to apply to become firefighters. Cassano touted a new hiring exam aimed at diversifying the FDNY. The exam, however, must be approved by a judge. The FDNY has long been accused of discriminating against minorities, eventually causing a judge to rule […]

A Brooklyn judge on Wednesday blocked the city’s plan to hire 300 firefighters – saying the FDNY’s latest written exam still discriminates against minority-group applicants.