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From CNN:

Two LAPD officers have been placed on paid administrative leave in the ongoing police investigation into who leaked Rihanna’s injury photo.

Officer Rebecca Reyes, a nine-year employee of the department, is under investigation for both criminal and administrative issues, her lawyer Ira Salzman confirms to PEOPLE.

Salzman adds that search warrants were executed on Reyes’s home in late June, and her computer and cell phone records have been seized.

“But my client did not sell any photos for profit,” Salzman says. “She did not commit any criminal act.”

A second officer, Blanca Lopez, a rookie employee who is a former housemate of Reyes’s, is also on paid administrative leave in connection with the investigation.

“My client is flabbergasted, having been dragged into the investigation,” says her attorney Robert Rico. “She never saw the photograph of Rihanna until it came out on TV.”

Both attorneys say their clients are officers of good standing with the department.

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