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Four-year-old Abby (pictured) is solely responsible for foiling her babysitter, boyfriend, and his friend’s alleged plot to rob her home of valuables then blame the invasion on Black men. Thanks to the pint-sized smartie, who informed the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office in Bellingham, Wash., that the culprits were in fact White and not the innocent Black neighbor Cody Oaks (pictured below) police arrested, he was released, according to Q13 Fox.

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Reportedly, the unnamed trio, Abby’s babysitter, who is 17 years old and White schemed with her 16-year-old boyfriend, and 18-year-old Ruben J. Benjamin to break in to Abby’s home, rob it, then blame the heist on armed Black men.

When talking with police, the babysitter then went on to specifically paint the portrait of a man who coincidentally resembled Oaks, a next door neighbor of Abby’s and her family.

After police approached Oaks, they placed him in cuffs and took him down for questioning at the sheriff’s office.

When investigators spoke to Abby about the crime, though, she quickly set the facts straight: The little preschooler told the officers that the men had white NOT black skin. The little tyke then went on to tell Q13 Fox how the men “told us to get out of the house ’cause they wanted to steal stuff.  The bad guys stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod,” revealed Abby.

“I thinked about – that was really – that was really her being bad. She’s not a good babysitter.”

When the investigators again interrogated the babysitter, she began to buckle under pressure and admitted to the caper.

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Oaks, who is grateful the little girl rescued him from a bad fate, is naturally upset that the babysitter could have ruined his life by siccing sheriff’s investigators on his trail for a crime he did not commit, “It’s kind of sad because I don’t think she realizes the dangerous situation she put me in.”

As far as Abby’s belongings, they were returned and Abby’s mom is super proud of her stating,  “Literally in 30 seconds, she changed everything that had been going on for five, six hours,” she pointed out to Q13 Fox.

Meanwhile, the “babysitter’s club three” were all arrested and are looking at charges of robbery, burglary, and perjury counts.

Way to go Abby!

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