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White Man Wears Blackface In Order To Rob Bank, And He’s Not The First To Do It…

For the second time in two weeks, a Cedar Rapids bank becomes the target of armed robbery. Police say a man walked into the Guaranty Bank Branch on Jacolyn Drive Northwest around 10 o’clock Monday morning. The robber was wearing some sort of makeup to make his skin appear darker. The Cedar Rapids Police Department says they have officers doing regular checks on these banks; they’re also working on several special initiatives with bank personnel. However, it hasn’t slowed these robbers down. “It is a good neighborhood, definitely a good side of town to be on,” says resident Dustin Coppess. “Seems like no matter where you’re at anymore, something’s going down.” And for the second time in as many weeks, it did go down – yet another armed robber in disguise at Guaranty bank. “Obviously, yeah, it is a problem,” Coppess says. Read more.

Hot or Not? Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston

Angela Bassett makes her directorial debut on Lifetime with her upcoming Whitney Houston biopic, starring Yaya DaCosta. The film, currently shooting, released a photo of DaCosta posing as the cover photo of Houston’s 1987 sophomore album, Whitney, to Entertainment Weekly. The picture alone has diehard Whitney fans feeling like either DaCosta is perfect for the role or Bassett and company have made a grave mistake. What say you? Read more.

Nobody Is Graduating In 4 Years, Here Are 2 Infographics To Prove It

Only spending four years in college is pretty rare these days. An analysis by the data site FindTheBest of federal statistics housed in the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System finds there is no state where a majority of students graduate college in four years. Read more.

The False Claim that Most Abortion Clinics are in Black Communities

Antiabortion activists often claim that most abortion clinics are located in predominantly Black or Hispanic neighborhoods. However, this claim—offered as supposed proof that abortion providers “target” minority women—is false. About six in 10 abortion providers are located in neighborhoods where more than half of residents are White. Fewer than one in 10 abortion providers are located in neighborhoods where more than half of residents are Black. Read more.

Union Severs Ties With United Negro College Fund Over Koch Money

One of the largest labor unions in the country is severing its ties with the United Negro College Fund over the storied scholarship group’s relationship with the Koch brothers. Read more.

Chicago Teen Killed Two Days Before College Orientation

There were 82 people shot in Chicago over the weekend. One of them was 17-year-old Marcel Pearson, who was set to begin his freshman year at Western Illinois University. Instead he was shot down by a gunman in his South Side neighborhood. Read more.