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Who said you can’t go home again? LeBron James has proved that old adage is not always true. Last week James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in an essay posted on Sports Illustrated’s website. Have you ever been drawn to return home in the same or similar fashion as King James was?

Janaye IngramMalik Husser and Michael Fletcher joined Roland Martin to discuss possible solutions to end gun violence in our communities.

Tech guru Mario Armstrong unveiled his “Never Settle Club bootcamp and explained how you can turn your passion into a profit. Armstrong also highlighted a number of apps that can help you on your journey to achieve your dreams.

Armstrong’s “Never Settle Club” is all about helping you launch or grow your passion into profits. Join him for a 5 week bootcamp this summer and  get powerful advice, tips, access to resources, homework and a weekly video chat with Mario.

Louis Tate, GM of Langston Golf Course details the health benefits of playing golf. Did you know you could tone several different muscles and burn 2000 calories while playing 18 holes?

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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