Regina Jackson and Saira Rao discuss what it’s like to confront white women with radical honesty about racism and white supremacy.

NBA legend Carmelo Anthony and multi-talented host The Kid Mero announced their new podcast, "7 PM in Brooklyn."

Carlee Russell's ex-boyfriend is still uncertain about the motive behind her kidnapping hoax.

Amanda Seales reflects on the thought process, hard work, and soul searching that went into creating "In Amanda We Trust," the new political doc she independently produced.

Marianne Williamson makes her case on why the American people should elect her as the next President of the United States.

Small Doses host Amanda Seales welcomes Dr. Raquel Martin to the pod to discuss mental health and approach therapy from a Black perspective.

The fourth and final installment of "Black HIV in the South: How Did We Get Here?" explores solutions to eradicating HIV/AIDS in the Black community. What are the next steps that will push this movement forward?

Episode two of 'Black HIV in the South: How Did We Get Here?' further explores the experience of the Black American community, particularly in the American South, in navigating the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.


"Black HIV in the South: How Did We Get Here?” is a four-part series presented by The Qube, a new streaming platform.

Good News

Former First Lady Michelle Obama will launch a podcast in March inspired by her memoir ‘The Light We Carry.’

Good News

Through the initiative, Techstars and JP Morgan aim to allocate over $80 million in funding to over 37 accelerators supporting diverse founders by 2025.

Audible debuts audio trailer for its new series titled Direct Deposit: What Happens When Black People Get Rich, featuring Issa Rae and more.