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It would seem that any embers remaining from actor Terrence Howard’s (pictured) public and drawn out nasty divorce from ex-Michelle Ghent (pictured) back in 2012 would have died out by now.  Wrong!  According to TMZ, the battling duo is back in the spotlight again. and this go-round, Howard is reportedly claiming he is broke and wants a judge to throw out his divorce agreement with Ghent because he was extorted and blackmailed in to signing it.

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Ghent has reportedly put up her dukes and is ready to go some rounds with Howard, whom she claims owes her somewhere in the neighborhood of $325,000 in support.  The Oscar-nominated performer claims, though, that he only brings home $5,878 a month in income and could never afford to dole out the court-mandated monies he allegedly owes Ghent.

Howard, who was also married to Lori McMasters for 14 years before Ghent, claims a portion of his earnings are going to her and their three children.

As a matter of fact, according to TMZ, McMasters reportedly receives Howard’s paycheck from his work as an actor, and she in turn, cuts him a monthly check.

Howard and Ghent married in January 2010 and divorced a year later. The union produced no children, but the breakup was fraught with allegations of physical abuse, restraining orders, racist name-calling, threats of property violence, and death threats, making the couple’s post-marital fighting fodder for the press for at least a couple of years.

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