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Don’t mess with Atlanta’s beloved Hank Aaron (pictured)! Two men accused of robbing the baseball great’s Atlanta home are probably regretting their criminal deed. The suspects have been found guilty of stealing, among other valuables, Aaron’s priceless player rings that have been earmarked for the Baseball Hall of Fame and now both are facing inordinately lengthy prison terms for their crimes, according to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal.

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Both Isiah Slaton, 24, and Amir Coleman, 23, pleaded guilty to the burglary and theft charges. The men admitted to breaking into Aaron’s home and ransacking it while the former Atlanta Braves player and his wife were away in July of last year and stealing not only the valuable baseball rings but other expensive jewelry items and two BMW vehicles.

Slaton, who pled guilty on Monday, received an eight-year sentence and was placed on probation for 42 years. A judge gave Coleman a 10-year stint in prison and 25 years on probation. The sentence that was given to the men is reportedly a rare one for the crime they committed.

At the time of the burglary, Aaron and his wife Billye were attending the All-Star Game in New York when they missed a call from their alarm company warning them of a possible intrusion. When Aaron discovered the message, he asked a neighbor to check out his residence. When the neighbor stumbled upon a broken window at the home, he summoned police.

According to county investigators, the burglars had disabled the home’s alarm system but could not tamper with the vehicle’s LoJack, so one of the cars was abandoned a mile from Aaron’s home.

Police investigators were able to arrest the men three weeks after the burglary.

There is a third man, Edward Buford, who has also been implicated in the burglary but his case is still pending.

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