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Canadian ice hockey defenseman for the Belleville Bulls Jordan Subban (pictured)  was reportedly referred to as “the dark guy in the middle” in a Vancouver Sun newspaper caption, according to CBS Sports.

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The Vancouver Sun posted a photo of Subban surrounded by fellow players, with the aforementioned identification, after he scored the opening goal against the San Jose Sharks in their first preseason game.

It wasn’t long before the lazy and racially offensive description began to circulate on Twitter.

Even though many Twitter users found the “dark” comment to be insulting, 19-year-old Subban, however, did not take the reference to heart, telling CBS, “I had a chance to talk with a representative from the paper, and it seemed like a pretty honest mistake — it wasn’t really intentional, from my understanding.  It is what it is, and I’ve moved on.”

Either way, the Vancouver Sun released the following apology:

The Vancouver Sun and Province apologize for an offensive photo caption that appeared briefly on our websites Tuesday night.

The caption information accompanying a photograph of the Vancouver Canucks’ Jordan Subban celebrating a goal was offensive and should never have been written. 

The caption appeared for several minutes on our websites before it was brought to the attention of web editors in both newsrooms and immediately deleted. The Sun and Province also took to social media to express our regret for the egregious error, and reached out directly to Subban and the Canucks to apologize.

The matter is being thoroughly investigated. We are examining all web posting practices and procedures to prevent this from happening again.

We again offer our sincere apologies to the Canucks and Subban for the embarrassment this has caused. 


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