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Daniele Watts (pictured left) who co-starred in the film “Django Unchained,” has been charged with lewd conduct for allegedly engaging in a sexual act in her vehicle last month outside CBS Studios, according to TMZ.

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Watts went on a viral rant against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), after she and her Caucasian boyfriend, Brian Lucas (pictured), who is also being charged, were detained by officers on Sunset Blvd. for allegedly making out in broad daylight in a parked car.

Watts and Lucas believed they were unfairly targeted by police and suspect officers assumed she was a prostitute and he, her john.

Watts accused the officers of being blatant racists and was in a huff that they did not recognize her celebrity.  The performer also refused to provide her name and produce ID, when asked by police, and stormed off when questioned by them. After she was escorted back by police, she continued her tirade. Watts then burst into tears, which was captured by Lucas on film, as she was handcuffed and questioned.

The young starlet was eventually released by police after she produced ID.

However, Watts would not let the incident rest and escalated her gripe to Facebook where she stated:

“Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.”

Lucas also wrote about the confrontation on his Facebook page as well stating:

“So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was. In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist’.”

When prosecutors got hold of the LAPD audio of the Watts/Lucas incident, they reportedly decided to prosecute the actress and her boyfriend of one and a half years.  The prosecutors claim to have witnesses and photos of the couple engaged in a sexual act; there are even photos of Watts’ exposed breasts, they claim.

After some of the seemingly incriminating photos were released, civil rights leaders demanded that Watts issue an apology for erroneously using the race card in the incident.

Watts refused to apologize.

Both Watts and Lucas could face a maximum of six months in an L.A. County jail.

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