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Former president Jimmy Carter‘s grandson, Georgia state senator Jason Carter, is running for governor of the state, and he says we shouldn’t sleep on Nov. 4 just because no one is running for president. The types of races you find during mid-term elections, like governors’ races, are “where stuff gets done,” he told radio show host Ricky Smiley last week. During the sit down he also dished on how broken Washington is, what we will lose if we don’t vote, and things that he has accomplished as Georgia state senator. Read more.

Top 10 Least Livable Countries in the World

Data released by the United Nations Development Programme revealed the “10 least livable countries in the world,” all which are on the African continent. Topping the list were Niger, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Central African Republic. It just so happens that two other countries on the list, Guinea and Sierra Leone, are at the center of the current Ebola epidemic. Countries making the list are plagued by poverty, modern-day slavery, and political unrest. Other factors that led them to be deemed “least livable” included the lack of access to adequate education, income, and low life expectancies.  Read more.

“The People’s Lawyer” Convicted of Fraud

Former national radio host Warren Ballentine was convicted for mortgage fraud on Friday. Ballentine, who was dubbed “The People’s Lawyer” and had a show syndicated on Radio One (the parent company of NewsOne) that focused on issues concerning the African American community, reportedly scammed lenders out of almost $10 million in Chicago. The jury found him guilty on six counts of wire and bank mail fraud, and sending fake statements to lenders. Ballentine could possibly face up to 30 years in prison. Read more.

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