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As a mentor of African-American male youth in the community, one of the things I’m constantly looking for is information and resources. But whether you’re a coach, counselor, part-time teacher or all of those things in one, there’s hardly enough time to look for ways to get what you need to improve what you’re giving  your kids.

Fortunately, we now live in the Internet age, and much of what is discussed is shared through social media; that makes it easier to participate in discussions, seminars and webinars that focus on Black male achievement. So, here are four videos that do just that:

Echoing Green is an organization that supports people who helps groups of people small and large develop. Among the many fellowships they sponsor, one of the main ones is a Black Male Achievement Fellowship that annually offers $80,000 in stipends for people committed to innovating in family, education, mentoring and college prep among other areas.

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The University of North Carolina School of Education has a well-stocked online research page for educators and provides resources that help teachers to do their jobs. In this video the institution focuses on librarians and their preparations to meet the literacy needs of K-12 Black boys. It focuses on what educators and others need to do to close literacy gaps.

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We all wrestle with how to administer discipline to Black boys when they are in our care, particularly in a school or mentoring setting. Dr. Joseph E. Marshall, Executive Director of the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco shared his ideas on how to do just that without doing any harm. This webinar gives some very valuable facts and resources and it is really quite encouraging.

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The Council of Great City Schools gave a webinar series throughout this year. This particular presentation speaks on countering failure rates among Black boys in urban school districts, how schools can promote success, school culture, and specifics on male development.

These are just four excellent presentations on foundational organizations for those providing for the developmental needs of African-American males. But I’m interested in your feedback here. If you know of links or resources for educators and others in the mentoring field, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below


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