Amid the clashing of Jan. 6 hearings as well as Juneteenth and Father’s Day celebrations, it's crucial to support an accurate story of Black people, especially Black men.

The dismal education statistics for young Black men are all too familiar, especially in cities like Camden, New Jersey, where poverty, crime and poor access to quality schooling are de rigueur. And all too often, Black achievement is devastated by the harsh bias of low expectations. But 18-year-old Aljelani Igwe of Camden defied expectations Friday, when […]

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Almost a year ago, President Obama announced that his administration would embark on an ambitious initiative he called “My Brother’s Keeper.” The intention was to get communities involved in the lives of young men, particularly those of color, to ensure their positive guidance from “cradle to college.” It was intended to foster support networks where none […]

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One summer about a million years ago, when I was 18, I went to community college to take some classes to transfer back to the university I was attending. At the time, I didn’t think much about the experience or what a place like that meant to the people who took those courses with me. The […]

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In an effort to improve educational opportunities for Washington, D.C.’s Black male students, Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson (pictured) plans to invest $20 million in private and public dollars to support programs geared toward their needs, the Huffington Post reports. SEE ALSO: McDonald’s 1st Black CEO Don Thompson Steps Down Amid Sliding Sales In a project that Henderson […]


When Ted Gustus was a boy, he found his mother dead, lying on the floor of their railroad flat in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant. In the background, Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” was playing. Both of them, mother and child, were affected by her alcohol abuse. But Gustus was no victim. Simultaneously, he experienced a death […]


  As a mentor of African-American male youth in the community, one of the things I’m constantly looking for is information and resources. But whether you’re a coach, counselor, part-time teacher or all of those things in one, there’s hardly enough time to look for ways to get what you need to improve what you’re […]

Last week, the United States Department of Labor released new jobs numbers for September. While Black unemployment decreased slightly, there has been growth in job placement for Black men overall. RELATED: Unemployment Rate Falls To 6-Year Low At 5.9 Percent There is still a staggering lack of jobs for Blacks, and the unemployment rate for Black […]


Had to dig deep on this one. While giving thought to this year so far, I thought about the number of controversies surrounding Black men, ranging from the police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo., to the abuse scandals in the NFL to the consistently increasing Black male murder rate in Chicago to the […]

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In February, President Barack Obama announced an initiative to respond to the economic, employment, and educational disparities that young men of color face as they enter their adult lives. He said the five-year, $200 million cause would be “an interagency effort to improve measurably the expected educational and life outcomes for and address the persistent opportunity […]


Thanks to the Internet, there’s no shortage of graphic images that can illustrate almost any statistic that we can come up with. So lucky for us, since African Americans are so well analyzed in this country, there are charts that can explain where Black males stand on achievement and opportunity that point out to us […]

There’s been lots of talk about the school-to-prison pipeline over the past few years. Lots of people wringing their hands over what to do about kids, particularly Black boys, who leave school early and are eventually funneled in to the U.S. prison system, where as you read this, there are 840,000 Black males. But what’s […]