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The Washington Times is reporting that some members of the Republican Party are up in arms over Alabama campaign mailers that urge Blacks to head to the polls or continue to face racial discrimination, including Stop & Frisk, land grabs to honor the Ku Klux Klan, and a jerry-built justice system.

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As voters head to the polls for midterm elections Tuesday, perhaps Republicans worry that some of the 18 assertions listed in the mailing reportedly sent by Montgomery-based Alabama New South Coalition are based on some truths.

Here are examples of  some claims listed in the mailer, according to the Washington Times:

You give up your power to change your life and your children’s lives if you don’t vote.

Police officers will be allowed to continue to stop and arrest you for nothing if you don’t vote.

Land may be given to extremist groups to honor klansmen if you don’t vote.

They will continue to deny the working poor the right to health insurance if you don’t vote.

High bonds for some and low bonds for others will continue if you don’t vote.

Drugs raids in only the Black community will continue if you don’t vote.

Unfortunately, some of the issues listed in the mailer will continue to happen whether Democrats or Republicans are in office, particularly because it takes a long time to change institutional racism. The good news is that voters have a better chance of effecting change if they exercise their voting rights, which is why Blacks should head to the polls.

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