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The holiday shopping season is set to kick off in full swing this weekend and retailers across the nation are expecting to cash in on Christmas shoppers looking for deals, but in the St. Louis area that may not be the case.

Burned-down businesses and boarded up stores line the streets of the Ferguson business district, the result of unrest in the wake of the decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in Michael Brown‘s death.

Meanwhile, “The Leadership Coalition For Justice” has handed flyers out all over Ferguson calling for a boycott of major department stores throughout the St. Louis area, over the Black Friday weekend.

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Some in the St. Louis suburb  believe this is unjustly targeting business owners. When asked if businesses will remain in Ferguson, Democratic Committee member Patricia Bynes told NewsOne’s Tim Lampley, “It’s really hard to convince a business owner when their business has been looted more than once to continue to stay in the community.”

On the other hand, Garland Marc, a Ferguson resident, expressed optimism about the future of the St. Louis suburb in the wake of destruction. Once this is all over “It’s going to look like a new beginning. I see a foundation to start with again. It’s a new generation, starting from rubble,” he said.

At this time amidst the debris and charred remains of many Ferguson businesses, it is unclear if the city will rebound from Monday night’s violent unrest. Only time will tell if the proposed Black Friday boycott will have any impact at all.

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