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Jose Navarro, Jr. (pictured) is facing a slew of charges including illegal transportation of an open alcohol container, speeding, no seat belt, driving without lights, and improper lane usage, but the most serious of his alleged offenses, a felony, was that he faked a 911 call in order to wiggle out of a traffic ticket according to the Chicago Tribune.

Navarro was pulled over in Oak Lawn, Illinois, by police during a routine traffic stop. Police allege that Navarro placed a fake call to 911 to report hearing eight gunshots. He also claimed that a man had been shot and was lying on the ground not far from where he was stopped by officers reports the Chicago Tribune.

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Reportedly, the 23-year-old man placed the fake call with the made up details, so that officers would get distracted, forget about issuing him a traffic ticket and rush to the nearby scene of the crime.

Navarro’s hatched plan nearly worked and a few of the officers did hightail it over to the bogus crime spot. When the remaining officers questioned Navarro, he admitted to placing the fake call according to court records.

The joke was on Navarro because the prankster was jailed and slapped with a $50,000 bond.


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