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Two Boynton Beach police officers, Barry Ward and Terrence Paramore, made a little girl’s dream come true  for the holidays. According to the New York Daily News, the cops surprised her and her struggling family with not only a Christmas tree but also decorations to boot.

When a little girl mis-dialed 911 and hung up, police were sent to investigate.  Ward and Paramore were dispatched to the apartment where the call was placed.  When the men arrived and spoke to another little girl at the residence, the unidentified child mentioned, how sad she was that her family did not have a Christmas tree and how she longed for one.

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Upon leaving the apartment both Ward and Paramore couldn’t stop thinking about the child’s simple wish.  The officers knew that perhaps the family just could not afford such extravagance as a Christmas tree, so they decided to put a smile on that little girl’s face by playing Santa.

The next day, both Ward and Paramore returned to the apartment complex they had visited previously to grant the little girl her wish while she was out. The men carted in a large, fresh Christmas tree–along the stand, lights and decorations for it–into the girl’s apartment, and they paid for the items out of their own pockets.  When the child’s father opened the door, the cops were then greeted by the elementary school student, who bubbled with excitement at seeing the tree.  The little girl hugged the tree, and the dad gratefully embraced the officers for bringing Christmas into their home.

See, not all cops are bad!  Watch the heartwarming moment here.


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