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Deandra Cooke (pictured left), 18; Lacinda Granado-Overton (pictured center), 25; and Tarica Wright (pictured right), 26, were charged with felony theft by the Aledo, Illinois police department after allegedly stealing toys out of a donation box that had been earmarked for needy children, according to WQAD 8.

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The theft reportedly occurred on Sunday evening at a Walmart in Aledo.  The Toys for Needy Kids program is spearheaded by Aledo Jaycees, an organization that serves the local community through charity and organized events. Each Christmas, the organization provides toys for some 300 needy children in the community.

In addition to the theft charge, Granado-Overton was charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving while revoked.  The 25-year-old woman had just been paroled from the county jail days earlier on another alleged retail theft charge.

Wright was also slapped with an obstruction of justice charge and faced a previous warrant for yet another theft charge in a nearby county.

Cooke, too, has a theft case pending in Scott County that was filed earlier this year.

The trio of women are being held in a Mercer County Jail while awaiting arraignment.

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