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Although African Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, we account for 33 percent of the missing in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database. Cases involving African Americans also tend to receive less media coverage than missing Whites, with missing men of color getting even less attention.

NewsOne has partnered with the Black and Missing Foundation to focus on the crisis of missing African Americans.

To be a part of the solution, NewsOne will profile a missing person weekly and provide tips about how to keep your loved ones safe and what to do if someone goes missing.


Timothy Hamlett

Case Type: Endangered

DOB: Jan. 1, 1994

Missing Date: Dec. 26, 2014

Age Now: 21

Missing City: Teaneck

Missing State: New Jersey

Gender: Male

Race: Black

Complexion: Medium

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 150

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Short

Eye Color: Brown

Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: At home in Teaneck, New Jersey

Circumstances of Disappearance: Timothy told his parents that he was going to meet up with some old friends from Teaneck, but his parents discovered later that he had not spoken to those friends since July. Later, his parents learned that he had asked some other friends via text how to get to the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York City and New Jersey.

Timothy’s father, Archibald Hamlett, told NewsOne in an interview that one of the last sightings of their son was at a bagel shop in Teaneck after which he believes his son traveled to New York City.

Timothy’s wallet and cellphone were both found in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. Kids discovered with the phone said they had found the phone and wallet near a local school.

“He has never done anything like this before. This does not fit his personality. It’s a complete departure from how he was a year ago,” said Hamlett.

Since then, Hamlett said there have been reports of multiple sightings of his son from a token booth, clerk, a man in the Bronx, and someone who may have seen him at Penn Station.

“That’s what is concerning. You figure someone would have seen him by now because you get two or three hits in the same area. That’s what’s troubling,” said Hamlett.

According to Hamlett, his son began acting out of character while at school at UPenn, where he ran track. Hamlett said his son took legal nutritional supplements, which he believes might have affected his behavior.

“I noticed a change in his personality when he started taking sports supplements for running. He would look at NCAA guidelines, and if it was not banned he would make up supplements,” said Hamlett.

Timothy was home from school with his family undergoing diagnostic exams, such as an MRI and tests from a neurologist on his pituitary gland, while they tried to figure out why his behavior had changed.

“He was making improvements lately. You don’t look for a miracle, you look for step-by-step recovery and that’s what we were seeing until recently,” said Hamlett.

Since he went missing, Hamlett and family and friends have saturated the area where Timothy’s wallet and cell phone were found. Hamlett has spent nights with supporters canvassing Penn Station and the New York City subway until 3 a.m. in the hopes of spotting his son.

“It’s heartfelt support. You greatly appreciate it,” Hamlett said before breaking into tears in describing how people he has not heard from in decades have volunteered to help search for his son.

Hamlett said he just wants his son to come home.

“Please contact us. You are loved and needed at home,” Hamlett said in an appeal to his son. “There’s nothing we can’t work on or work out as a family. You are crucial part of our life and our family’s life.”

Last Seen Wearing: True Religion jeans, a blueish and neon zip-up Adidas sweatshirt, and sneakers

Identifying Marks or Characteristics: Unknown.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Timothy Hamlett may contact Teaneck Police at (201) 837-2600 or the Hamlett family at (917) 686-0087 or (201) 406-6990. You may also contact the Black and Missing Foundation’s confidential Tip Line.