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The Justice League task force lead a multi-racial march from Harlem to the United Nations Monday afternoon, knowing that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of racial equality has yet to be achieved.

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“My belief in God stems from the fact that in darkness, we reach for each other like children,” said Cherrell Brown, a Justice League member, speaking at the march’s terminal. “And I’m so glad I found your hands. I’m so glad to be fighting this battle with you, explaining that black lives matter, that all lives matter.”

“Keep fighting the good fight. We out here, we not going anywhere, the movement will continue!” added Rameen Aminzadeh (pictured center in sixth picture from top below), founder of Beats, Rhymes & Relief, an arts-focused non-profit organization for humanitarian relief.

The event also featured a performance by local hip-hop artist and youth mentor Mysonne NY General, debuting a song dedicated to police victims.

Watch MySonne NY General perform at Dream4Justice here:

Those who lost a friend or family member to police also voiced their support.

“United we stand, that means that divided, we fall,” said Iris Baez (pictured center in third from top picture below), who lost her son Anthony Baez during a police confrontation 21 years ago. “We have to stay together, we have to stay strong. One nation under God—all of us. It takes a whole village to raise a child, like it takes a whole town to raise a town. Martin Luther King said, ‘Peace.'”

“I wanna say, ‘Thank you’ to ya’ll, I wanna say ‘Thank you’ to the Justice League, Tamika Mallory,” added Joseph Guzman (pictured in second from top picture and to the left of Baez in her picture), friend to Sean Bell who was shot by officers alongside him in 2006, but survived.

“I just wanna say, ‘Thank you.'”

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See more pictures from the march below:

The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. 

Iris Baez, mother of Anthony Baez who died at the hands of police in 1994 with Joseph Guzman (left), whose friend Sean Bell died at the hands of police in 2006.

 Protesters take to the streets of NYC at the #Dream4Justice March. 

More protesters who took to the streets on MLK Day.  

Rameen Aminzadeh founder of Beats, Rhymes & Relief,