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Darrell Lee Daniels, a Columbia, S.C., man (pictured) just received a gold star in the annals of bad criminal decisions, after calling a taxi to escape an alleged bank robbery, according to WLTX 19 television.

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Police say a 37-year-old man walked in to a busy downtown Wells Fargo Bank branch about noon on Wednesday, passed a note to a teller announcing he was armed, and asked for money, the report says.

After absconding with an undisclosed amount of cash, he reportedly dashed to a nearby fast-food restaurant, where he ordered employees to call a cab for him. He fled the scene when the vehicle arrived moments later.

Restaurant employees then called police, who were able to catch up with the man a short distance away. Daniels, 37, was charged with entering a bank with intent to steal. Deputies say officers have already recovered a significant amount of the money that was taken.

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