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Man of the cloth, Pastor George Hunley (pictured) of Louisa, Virginia, was cuffed by police and charged with making false statements.  The good reverend claimed that he was shot and robbed by an interracial couple–a black male and a white female–who had an infant in the rear seat of their vehicle, after he spotted them on a road having car trouble and offered assistance according to CBS 6.

Hunley told police investigators that the black male pulled a gun on him and demanded money.  The pastor alleged that he and the male stranger then struggled. He added that he was shot twice in the leg but managed to escape to his home, where he summoned police.

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Upon listening to Hunley’s complaint, officers searched his vehicle, but, oddly, found no evidence of blood anywhere.  Police also stumbled upon the pastor’s checkbook and wallet in the car, which he claimed had been stolen from him.

Louisa Sheriff Office spokesperson, Major Don Lowe told CBS 6 that it has been surmised by the department that a robbery involving Hunley had actually not taken place; authorities believe his story appears to have been fabricated. “Everything right now points to us believing there was no armed robbery,” Lowe revealed. “There was no bi-racial couple. None of that really happened.”

Hunley did have two bullet wounds in his leg, but police did not explain how the injury occurred.

In addition to his arrest, Hunley may have to compensate the police department for their wasted time and manpower looking for his fictitious assailants. The minister is out on a $2,500 bond but is scheduled for arraignment on February 17.


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