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It’s undeniable that emotions run high during major sporting events; but when fans go beyond rooting for a particular team and start involving race then things become problematic. Racist acts have continued to occur at several sporting events throughout the country and sports anchors are bringing attention to the issue. Following an incident where a group of young white fans held signs that bared the words “White Power” at a basketball game in Flower Mound, Texas, local white sports anchor Dale Hansen expressed his disappointment with the young fans on-air., and gave a rousing anti-racism speech. Hansen got candid about racism and how he grew up in a racially hostile environment. “The one black family [my father] knew were good people; all the others he didn’t know, they were the bad people, the ignorance in that reasoning if you think about it long enough will twist your mind and it twisted mine,” said Hansen. “Kids have to be taught to hate, and it’s our parents and grandparents and our teachers and coaches too who teach us to hate. Kids become the product of that environment. I was and they are.” Read more.

Oscars Take a Dip in Viewership. Lack of Black Nominees to Blame?

Many people expressed their discontent with the lack of diversity at the Oscars and it showed in the number of viewers who tuned in. Ratings showed that the 87th Academy Awards hit a six-year low in viewership with only 36.6 million total viewers. It was the lowest rating for the awards show since 2009. Last year the Oscars drew in 43.74 million viewers. There’s speculation that this year, African Americans were “not here” for the Oscars due to the lack of black nominees, and social media activists who encouraged folks to spend their Sunday night elsewhere (see #OscarsSoWhite)— ultimately causing a dip in viewership. “With remarkable consistency, African-American viewers have showed up in large numbers to watch the Oscar broadcast when it featured a strong lineup of black nominees. But black viewers have gone missing when the core African-American presence was diminished, as it is this year,” read a Nielson piece. Read more.

Meagan Good to Play Lead in Upcoming Fox Pilot

There are many projects in development that will bring more African American actors to the small screen. Actress Meagan Good has reportedly signed on to play the lead in a new FOX pilot called “Minority Report.” The drama series will be based on Steven Spielberg’s short film that starred Tom Cruise, but will be set 10 years after the events in the film took place. Good will play the role of Lara Vega, a detective who is plagued by what happened in her past. This is the second pilot that Good has picked up this month. She also nabbed a role in NBC’s “Ms. Robinson,” a comedy series starring Craig Robinson. Read more.

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