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A 4-year-old Texas boy died Sunday after he accidentally shot himself with a loaded gun he found at his babysitter’s house.

The child, identified as Codrick McCall Jr., was staying with a longtime friend of the victim’s mother, who left him there overnight to celebrate her birthday. Investigators have not confirmed where the gun came from or if anybody was with the boy when he found the gun, but at some point the child shot himself with the firearm.

According to USA Today, three people were at the tragic scene Sunday morning. Two of those individuals were brought outside with brown paper bags covering their hands — a measure to preserve gunshot residue, if any.

Just after noon, the unidentified woman who was caring for the boy in her home was taken to the hospital after collapsing multiple times after talking with detectives. There was no word on her condition.

The incident stunned the neighbors.

“It is horrible. I can’t imagine the pain, whoever’s fault it is. The kind of guilt they are going to live with,” said Nour Chalhoub, who lives across the street. “Somebody is at fault. It is definitely not the child.”

According to Harris County Homicide Detectives, no charges have been filed. The case is being prepared for a grand jury.

Codrick’s tragic shooting death comes just two days after another Harris County toddler accidentally shot himself in the neck.


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