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Mark Lippert

Photo by Chung Ha-Jong/Munhwa Ilbo via Getty Images

Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, was violently attacked by a South Korean man as he was preparing to deliver a lecture in downtown Seoul about opportunities for peace regarding the separated Korean Peninsula. The alleged attacker reportedly shouted “No to war training” before wielding a knife at Lippert and slashing him in the face. North Korea hailed the attack, saying it is “righteous punishment” against the U.S. Lippert is in stable condition after undergoing surgery. Read more.

Marissa Alexander Gets Candid with Essence about her Experience

One shot fired at a wall and an outlandish conviction sparked a national movement for 29-year-old Florida-based Marissa Alexander. During a recent interview with Essence, Alexander got candid about her abusive relationship, the conviction, and her time in jail. “Florida has a mandatory minimum 20-year sentence for firing a gun and you can’t get time off for good behavior,” she said. “You’d think that kind of sentencing is intended for violent offenders who use guns while committing crimes, not somebody who is protecting herself. It just didn’t register with me that this was what I was facing.” Read more.

Liberia Releases Last Ebola Patient, No New Cases Reported

The Ebola outbreak claimed nearly 10,000 lives in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone; but according to reports, new cases of the virus are becoming less frequent. The World Health Organization is reporting that Liberia has released its last Ebola patient and there have been no new cases of the virus. Upon her release from the hospital the patient, an English teacher, said she was “one of the happiest persons on earth.” Read more.

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