One gunshot got Marissa Alexander sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison even though she said she was defending herself from estranged abusive husband. Even though the state of Florida recognized the Stand Your Ground Law for George Zimmerman who shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012, the same law did not protect […]

Mark Lippert, U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, was violently attacked by a South Korean man as he was preparing to deliver a lecture in downtown Seoul about opportunities for peace regarding the separated Korean Peninsula. The alleged attacker reportedly shouted “No to war training” before wielding a knife at Lippert and slashing him in the face. […]

Marissa Alexander, the Black woman who many feel was unfairly jailed per Florida’s seemingly disparate application of its “Stand Your Ground” laws, was released from prison Tuesday afternoon, according to local Jacksonville station 4JAX. Alexander will come home, but will spend the next two years under electronic monitoring – and on her own dime. SEE […]

Regardless of how one feels about the stance For Harriet founder Kimberly Foster (pictured below) takes in her essay, “Why I Will Not March For Eric Garner (pictured far right),” it’s more than evident it comes from a place of frustration. And to be fair to her and those who share her point of view, when […]

On Friday, Circuit Judge James H. Daniel denied Marissa Alexander’s request for a new Stand Your Ground hearing to seek immunity from prosecution under the law for firing a warning shot. Judge Daniel found the revision in Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law to include warning shots “cannot be applied retroactively” and new evidence presented to the court didn’t meet […]

Supporters of Marissa Alexander have organized a Mother’s Day “Week of Action” to raise awareness about Alexander’s case and the harsh realities of Black mothers behind bars. RELATED: Marissa Alexander’s Free? Not So Fast, Says Judge. Marissa Alexander Case Highlights Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Flaws As previously reported by NewsOne, the 33-year old Jacksonville mother of […]

Congresswoman Corrine Brown joined “NewsOne Now” Tuesday to update Roland Martin on the latest developments in the Marissa Alexander case and explained efforts in Florida to address the laws like Stand Your Ground that led to her conviction. Brown also says that  Florida State Attorney Angela Corey is moving to sentence Alexander to 60 years in […]

Marissa Alexander, 33, the Jacksonville mother of three who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband, now faces up to 60 years in prison for the same crime, reports RELATED: Lawmakers Push Bill To Legalize Warning Shots During Confrontations Marissa Alexander Won’t Return To Jail; […]

A judge has ruled that Marissa Alexander can remain free on bond after the Florida State Attorney filed a motion claiming that the defendant violated her release conditions numerous times, The Florida Times-Union reports. Circuit Court Judge James Daniel denied Assistant State Attorney Richard Mantei‘s request to revoke Alexander’s bail for “going out shopping for […]

Does Florida State Attorney Angela Corey have a vendetta against Marissa Alexander? Some are asking that question after Corey filed to have the 33-year old Jacksonville mother’s  bond revoked on the grounds that she violated the conditions of her parole by running errands. Alexander has been out on bail since Nov. 27, after a state appeals […]

Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey has filed a motion to revoke the bond of Marissa Alexander, claiming she violated conditions of her parole by running errands, reports First Coast News. As previously reported by NewsOne, Alexander, a 33-year old Jacksonville mother of three, has spent the last 2 years behind bars serving time for a domestic […]

It’s been quite the year in politics with some advances for certain causes and a litany of failures in the other. Boo hiss to the Republicans and to the state of Florida — feel free to fall through a trap door — then join me in wishing for a much more fruitful 2014. 1. The […]