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Hillary Clinton

Source: (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Gentrification will soon drop to the second most-powerful force in Brooklyn, NY, thanks to a big political move.

According to MSNBC, Hillary Clinton has signed a new lease for her campaign headquarters and it happens to be in the birthplace of Biggie and, most recently, hipster beards.

The One Pierrepont Plaza building, located in what Gothamist dubbed “the fanciest part of Brooklyn Heights, a building that dubs itself “Brooklyn Cool,” is expected to be used for Clinton’s 2016 White House bid, although she has not announced a campaign, a source confirmed to MSNBC Friday morning.

The move could signal that her long-awaited campaign launch is imminent. Under federal election rules, candidates have just 15 days to declare a presidential run after engaging in campaign activity, like renting office space, though it’s unclear who or what legal entity signed the document, and when, MSNBC reported.

And if you’re thinking this is all sort of weird, it actually makes perfect sense. If this hipster photo a Twitter user dug up is any indication, anyway.

She’ll fit right in. You can read the extended details on Clinton’s new campaign digs here.



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