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Actor Alton ‘Ben’ Powers has passed away. The Brooklyn-bred actor was well-known for playing Keith Anderson on the show Good Times, which became a staple in African-American households across the country during the ’70s. On the show, Powers was married to Thelma Evans, who was played by actress Bern Nadette Stanis. Stanis took to Facebook following his death to share her condolences with his family. “My condolences goes out to the family of Ben Powers who past a few days ago,” she posted last week. “He was a great actor and great friend who is gone too soon. He will be missed by many. Until next lifetime my friend.” Powers passed away on April 6th in New Bedford, Mass. He was 64-years-old. Read more.

GOP Bows Out of Affordable Care Act Fight

After a long battle fighting against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the GOP has reportedly bowed out. Republican congressional leaders realized that although they might not approve of the act, nearly 20 million Americans have benefited from it and were able to receive affordable healthcare. “Only 18% of Americans want to go back to the system we had before because they do not want to go back to some of the problems we had,” said Whit Ayres, who works for presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio. “Smart Republicans in this area get that.” Many Republicans have decided to put their focus on other issues like trade and tax reform. Read more.

FBI Comes Under Fire after Using Faulty Evidence

The Justice Department and FBI are in hot water after they admitted that almost every examiner in one of their forensic units provided faulty testimonies in several trials for more than two decades before 2000. According to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and Innocence Project, who teamed up to review cases where forensic evidence was involved, over 95 percent of the 268 trials that were investigated showed that the forensic evidence favored the prosecutors. Thirty-two people on trial were sentenced to death and 14 of those individuals were executed or died in prison. Read more.

Radio One, Inc. Gets Sole Ownership of TV One, LLC

Radio One, Inc. has taken a major step in expanding its brand. The media powerhouse now has sole ownership of TV One, LLC. The company was focused on purchasing the interest on TV One that was held by Comcast and was successful in doing so. “This distinction positions our platform as a powerful content creator and distributor as well as an attractive advertising, creative and business partner in the rapidly changing media landscape.  The achievement would not have been possible without the contributions of everyone across our business entities,” said Alfred C. Liggins III, Co-founder Radio One. “It is particularly rewarding to be able to make this announcement during Radio One’s 35th anniversary year.”


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