Eddie Murphy is the proud owner of the iconic “Sugar Shack” painting by artist Ernie Barnes from the “Good Times” sitcom in the 1970s.

The reality is that a Black man named Eric Monte is the genius behind the renaissance of Black television In the 1970s.

Mike Evans’ eldest daughter Carlena Evans is fighting tooth and nail to protect the show’s wholesome legacy.

The 'Good Times' actor continues to disappoint.


After all of Michelle Obama's hard work to encourage healthier lifestyles, the future of her initiatives looks uncertain under a Trump presidency.

Twitter went in on the rapper, questioning his authority on women and how they depict their sexuality in relation to motherhood.


Actor Alton ‘Ben’ Powers has passed away. The Brooklyn-bred actor was well-known for playing Keith Anderson on the show Good Times, which became a staple in African-American households across the country during the ’70s. On the show, Powers was married to Thelma Evans, who was played by actress Bern Nadette Stanis. Stanis took to Facebook […]