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People Cleaning Up Baltimore After Riots

Source: Mark Makela / Getty

The images of Baltimore, Maryland on fire following the funeral of Freddie Gray — the 25-year-old man who died in police custody last week — continue to flash across television screens for the nation to see.

The clashes, sometimes violent, ended with 200 arrests and 15 officers injured. About 144 vehicles and 19 buildings were set ablaze. Stores were looted and windows smashed. The presence of the National Guard and Baltimore police was heavy.

But on Tuesday morning, the streets were relatively quiet – save for hundreds of Baltimore residents who took to the streets to pick up debris, board broken windows, and provide lunches for students who would not be attending school that day; Baltimore City Schools were closed amid concern about the growing violence.

That’s community. And that’s not something we often see in the media.

Take a look at some of the heartwarming acts of kindness below:

And check out these photos of residents in the city coming together to clear the streets of debris in the gallery.

For more information on the Freddie Gray protests and unrest in Baltimore, visit NewsOne’s hub here.

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People Cleaning Up Baltimore After Riots
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