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One of the leading sources for African-American news and commentary was recently sold to a major media company. Yesterday, it was announced that was acquired by Univision Communications Inc. “I’m excited,” said Donna Byrd, publisher of “Everyone’s looking for how we can grow our business, and they’re looking to do the same thing.” The partnership will give the site an opportunity to be part of a company that is primarily known for their Spanish broadcasting, which serves as a prime example of bringing people of color together. “This bold new partnership between Univision and The Root underscores the ties that have long bound people of color together throughout the Western Hemisphere and is a sign of even greater levels of communication, collaboration and exchange between these culturally vital groups of people,” said Henry Louis Gates Jr., co-founder and chairman of The Root. There is no word on how much the online platform was sold for. Read more.

Diddy on Black Community: ‘We are committing genocide on ourselves’

Many celebrities have shared their perspectives on race relations in our country, but not all of their viewpoints have been accepted. Chicago-bred rapper Common recently faced a lot of backlash after he said that the African-American community should “forget about the past;” and now mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs is in the center of controversy after he said that the Black community is killing themselves. “For the last couple of months we have experienced a lot of injustice and wrongdoings to a community. But there is a flip side,” he wrote on an Instagram post. “We are committing genocide on ourselves. We are always looking for scapegoats. We as a people hurt ourselves more than anyone has ever hurt us. That makes no sense. We as a people including myself have to take accountability and do whatever we can do individually or together to stop the madness and realize that we are KINGS and QUEENS AND Must love ourselves and each other.” His comments caused a social media frenzy. Read more.

U.S. Admits to Killing 2 Syrian Children in Strike

The U.S. recently admitted to taking the lives of two children during an air strike in Syria. During an investigation, which launched in January, they discovered that one of the attacks near Aleppo most likely claimed the lives of two youngsters. “We regret the unintentional loss of lives,” said Lieutenant General James L. Terry, the commander of Operation Inherent Resolve. “The Coalition continues to take all reasonable measures during the targeting process to mitigate risks to non-combatants, and to comply with the principles of the Law of Armed Conflict.” Read more.

Suspect in D.C. Quadruple Murder Captured

A suspect in a quadruple murder that happened in D.C. has reportedly been captured after a manhunt that took place across several states. According to officials, 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint was brought into custody in northeast Washington yesterday. He is suspected of killing a family of four, robbing their house, and then setting it on fire. “We do believe that there is a connection between the suspect in this case through the business. Right now it does not appear that this was a random crime,” said Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier. Read more.


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